Curriculum Planning

THE SIGIS Experiences

Kids Grow through
& intentional lesson plans

SIGIS Lesson Plans build on the children’s knowledge & skill development while exploring the children’s interests & environment.

Weekly Lesson Plans
Outdoor Play in all Seasons
STEM & Project Activities
Offsite & Special Events
Sigis Lesson planning

Kids Grow through directed SIGIS experiences

SIGIS lesson plans provide the children with a variety of child-orientated & teacher-directed experiences as well as structured & unstructured experiences. SIGIS takes a problem-solving approach to learning by introducing learning centres & STEM starting in the early years. Educators ensure that children progress to their next development level.

Infants & Toddlers

The physical environment for infants & toddlers provides a calm, warm, inviting atmosphere.


The physical environment at SIGIS for preschool aged children is designed to ignite their curiosity and see of wonderment while exploring the world around them.

School Age

The physical environment at SIGIS for school age children is a well-enhanced environment that is age appropriate, fun and inviting.